The outputs of SEEDS will include 12 deliverables, many of which will be used as formal documents for the future data services.

Del. No. Deliverable Name Work package(s) involved Delivery month
D1 Project website WP4 3
D2 Report on Workshop I_Belgrade WP3 4
D3 Report on evaluation of research and legal conditions: CeMI, CPC, IDMISPJR WP1 6
D4 Establishment plan: CeMI, CPC, IDMISPJR WP1 8
D5 Policy and procedures document: CeMI, CPC, IDMISPJR WP1 12
D6 Report on integration of technical system: CeMI, CPC, FFZGIDM, IESISPJR WP1 12
D7 Report on Workshop II_Ljubljana WP3 14
D8 Report on data collection: FFZGIES WP2 18
D9 Report on tool evaluation and selection WP2 18
D10 Report on Workshop III_Zagreb WP3 20
D11 Report on individual country websites WP4 14
D12 Local conference: CeMI, CPCFFZG, IDM, IESISPJR WP4 24