Organisation and infrastructure building (for Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro)

SEEDS partner institutions that did not participate in SERSCIDA will benefit heavily from the instruments, documents, and tools developed from that FP7 project. During first six months of the project they will employ instruments from SERSCIDA to evaluate their national research, infrastructure, and legal landscapes, including interviews with data producers, data users, and different stakeholders (e.g., representatives from research policy makers and funding institutions, statistical offices, and national archives). They will also study the specific legal conditions concerning data protection in their countries, since this will be highly relevant in crafting their data preservation and dissemination policies.

Next, the WP1 partners will develop road maps for establishing data archives, again following the models from the SERSCIDA project. This will include concrete tasks and deadlines for the remainder of the project relating to organisation, staffing, required technical infrastructure, and outreach. Road maps will be submitted by the end of eight months. By the end of the first year of the project, WP1 partners will deliver documents that detail their planned policies and procedures. These will define their data services’ scope, missions, needed resources, and rules for data preservation, processing, and access. The last activity of WP1 will be the integration of the archiving system developed as part of SERSCIDA into the existing technical infrastructure of the partner institutions. This work will be assisted by the project’s technical coordinator at FORS, Bojana Tasic, who was responsible for this within the SERSCIDA project, with support from IT staff at the FFZG (Croatia).