Building data collections and enhancing tools (for Croatia and Serbia)

As a result of SERSCIDA, the Croatian and Serbian partners in SEEDS are well on their way to establishing new data services. To strengthen their case for long-term national funding, however, they need now to build a larger data collection, and to enhance the technical system that was put together within SERSCIDA. WP2 will involve the solicitation and curation of at least 10 new data collections for each country. These should be important research data of high potential for secondary analyses, preferably from well-known and established scholars, across a range of social science disciplines. The data should then be showcased in their online data catalogues, and the data should be easily accessible and available free of charge, after signing an end-use license. Next, WP2 will involve extending the prototype technical system put into place by SERSCIDA. The improvements will be defined by a technical committee led by the technical coordinator at FORS, and including IT specialists from the Croatian and Serbian teams, plus the archiving expert Irena Vipavc Brvar of the Slovenian Data Archive.