Work Packages

The action plan of SEEDS is characterised by five work packages (WPs), each geared towards preparing the regional institutions for establishing new data services. WP0 is considered to be the overarching work package, incorporates the overall management tasks, and assures the quality of the work carried out in the project. In addition, WP0 will involve the kick-off meeting at the beginning of the project. WP1 concerns those partner institutions that were not involved in the SERSCIDA project – Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro. This will involve many of the same activities of SERSCIDA, in order to bring these institutions to the same level of preparation as their Croatian and Serbian counterparts. WP2 activities will be for the Croatian and Serbian teams, and will aim to expand their data collections and improve their technical capacities. WP3 will involve a series of training and knowledge building events for all partners during the length of the two-year project. WP4 will focus on dissemination and outreach activities. FORS will coordinate and lead all work packages. Each work package will have certain project deliverables.


Table 1: Work package list

WP numberTitleStart monthEnd month
0Project management and kick-off meeting124
1Organisation and infrastructure building112
2Building data collections and enhancing tools118
3Training activities for capacity building320
4Dissemination and outreach124