Wednesday, November 2, 2016
Welcome and opening: Programme and objectives of the workshop (Brian Kleiner, FORS)
Updates from partners
Data Seal of Approval (DSA) (Natascha Schumann, GESIS) SEEDS_WP3_DSA_Natascha Schumann
CESSDA SaW (Ivana Versic, CESSDA) SEEDS_WP3_CESSDA_Ivana Versic SEEDS_WP3_CESSDA SaW_Ivana Versic
Round table session: Strategic measures: actions for establishing data services
• Teo Matkovic (Committee for implementation of the Strategy for education, science and technology)
• Iva Melinscak Zlodi (Dabar) SEEDS_WP_DABAR_Iva Melinscak Zlodi
• Tvrko Zebec (DARIAH ERIC)
• Daniela Sirinic (Centre for empirical research in political science)

Thursday, November 3, 2016
SEEDS Technical Group: Ongoing technical work (Alen Vodopijevec, FFZG)
Policy development: aspects of policy development for new data services (Renate Kunz, FORS) SEEDS_WP3_Policy session_RK
RRPP (Irena Vipavc Brvar, ADP)

Friday, November 4, 2016
Future directions with SEEDS: Future projects and collaboration; remaining tasks; promotion and outreach