Dissemination and outreach

Establishing new data services in participating south-eastern European countries will require intensive outreach and promotion to the key national stakeholders. WP4 includes various activities to this end that were proven effective in the SERSCIDA project.

Besides the project website, each partner will have its own data service website for their own country, or perhaps a webpage on their existing institutional website. These can be based on code used within SERSCIDA – our Croatian and Serbian partners already have their own operational websites (www.hr.serscida.eu, www.rs.serscida.eu). All partners will use the SEEDS website and their individual websites to promote their project activities for stakeholders.

Also within WP4, each regional partner will organise and host at least one local workshop for stakeholders, including representatives from the research policy makers and funding institutions, statistical offices, national archives, and national and university libraries, and research communities. The purpose of the workshops will be to present the project, develop networks, and to promote the importance of open data, data archiving, and secondary analyses. The workshops should not be longer than one day, and should be held during the second half of the second year of the project.

WP4 will also involve targeted email campaigns to different stakeholder groups, where those addressed can be informed about project activities and made aware of the role of archives and the importance of secondary analysis in the social sciences. Beginning at the start of the project, each partner will build a database of stakeholder contacts (e.g., researchers, government officials) that can be drawn on as needed to send specific promotional messages. The database will be maintained and expanded throughout the life of the SEEDS project.