Montenegro: CeMI

Center for Monitoring and Research (CeMI)

The Centre for Monitoring and Research is a nongovernmental, non-profitable organization, founded in March 2000, whose main goal is to provide infrastructural and expert support for continuous monitoring of the overall process of transition in Montenegro.  Its mission is an evidence-based advocacy organization which provides continuous support to the process of democratic consolidation and Europeanization of Montenegro. CeMI is conducting its activities within the frame of four programme areas: Rule of Law and Human Rights, Good Governance and Fight against Corruption, Security and Defence, and Social Justice. CeMI has eight full time employees and 30 external collaborators and uses well equipped premises with excellent working conditions.

CeMI is an organization with significant experience in conducting applied scientific and policy research. Until now CeMI has conducted more than 100 projects in different program areas. Some of their projects were regional where CeMI had the role of the leading partner. CeMI is an organization founded, at first with the aim to control the regularity of elections in Montenegro, as well as to provide precise and fast projection of results after the end of the voting process (Paralell Vote Tabulation Methodology). Apart from its success in the area of elections’ monitoring, CeMI is perceived as a leading Montenegrin advocacy group that drafted four laws, which were adopted at the national level. In the previous decade CeMI has been more focusing on promoting and conducting evidence based advocacy. Within this process we built strong research capacities. Firstly, more policy issues were targeted, but lately, in the last three years, CeMI also conducted scientific, as well as combination of scientific and policy research. CeMI represents a network of young but experienced researchers, dominantly active in the area of social science, as well as in statistics. CeMI is a member of the ENEMO, PASOS, and REKOM networks.


Nikoleta Tomovic MSc is the Executive Director of CeMI. She holds an MSc in international relations. She is also teaching assistant at the University of Donja Gorica (UDG) in Podgorica. She has significant expertise in academic and policy research, as well as in project management.

Ivana Vujović is Head of the Department for Public Surveys. She is a physicist and has considerable experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative research, as well as in managing projects. She is also president of the Governing Board of one of the leading Montenegrin non-governmental NGOe in Montenegro – Juventas. She has valuable experience in programme design, as well as in software programming.