South-Eastern European Data Services

About the project

While the social sciences have always depended on the secondary analysis of data to address new research questions about society, politics, and economics, this is ever more important in a research landscape where funding for new data collections is increasingly

Work Packages

The action plan of SEEDS is characterised by five work packages (WPs), each geared towards preparing the regional institutions for establishing new data services. WP0 is considered to be the overarching work package, incorporates the overall management tasks, and assures


The outputs of SEEDS will include 12 deliverables, many of which will be used as formal documents for the future data services. Del. No. Deliverable Name Work package(s) involved Delivery month D1 Project website WP4 3 D2 Report on Workshop

OPEN ACCESS refers to the practice of granting free Internet access to research publications and data. As all research and innovation builds on earlier achievements, an efficient system for broad dissemination of and access to research publications and raw data can accelerate scientific progress. The OECD Declaration of 2008 states "that open access to, and unrestricted use of data promotes scientific progress and facilitates the training of researchers," as well as maximizing "the value derived from public investments in data collection efforts." SEEDS will address the need for improved and open access to and dissemination of primary data collected through research in social sciences while at the same time trying to support reinforcement of the existing national strategies and structures, and to contribute to development of new ones.

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